Chapter & Verse

Reginald Dwight and
Peter Hernandez did it.

So did Declan MacManus
and Ilyena Mirnoff.

Gary Lee Weinrib did it.

In Canada.

And now we're doing it too.

Elton John, Bruno Mars, Elvis Costello, Helen Mirren, and Geddy Lee

Magner Sanborn is now

Chapter & Verse.

Why the change?
Two reasons.

We're bigger than
any two people.

In the new year, we gave everyone an ownership stake because
we believe we’re all in this together. And now we really are.

We've always been

It’s true. And while the truth is the most neglected concept in advertising, it’s where
we start every project. We help brands uncover their truth and share it with the world.

Sometimes we whisper.


To tell your story,
the whole story,

Chapter & Verse